Software for Commodore's plus/4, C16, C116
new developed by me or other users!


1) Hardware Instruction Disk
On these disk you will find instructions to built the 256kb-RAM expansion and the 96kb-768kb-EPROM expansion for your plus/4. All docs are in German at the moment but there are circuits to show you the expansions. You can print it with Pageprinter. includes a diskimage D64.

2) OS92.3
OS92.3 needs EPROMs for 32kB, 2*27C128 or 1*27C256. It's full compatible to normal Commodore-Operating-System, but some new and powerful functions, e.g. BASIC-commands OLD, LA, BANK and corrections for the TEDMON. If you get OS92.3 in EPROMs from me it will come with instructions-manual in German or English. OS92.3 is Freeware, download it as burnfile for plus/4-EPROM-burner (with instructions).


3) OS96
OS96 is very new and now in work. It's the successor from great OS92.3. There are no datasette-routines, but routines for PC-link (use PC as a floppy), for centronics-printer and setup-routines. With a sRAM-expansion you can store your own settings in it. Otherwise you can burn your own settings to an EPROM-expansion or EPROM-cardrige. Very cool! This OS needs 64kB and a little circuit in the plus/4 for control it. The actual beta-version 8 of OS96 is Freeware. Download it and a documentation-text in German and English now! The link-program for PC-link &quot1551.exe" is also included in this package.

4) Super-DOS
A new system for the 1551-floppy by CSORY. You can use normal disks with 844 Blocks. This DOS is compatible to all disks and to normal DOS. But disks with 844 Blocks can only read and write in floppys with Super-DOS. Super-DOS is Freeware. You can download the burnfile from my BBS.


5) Modulgenerator
Program to create burnfiles for EPROM- or SRAM-Modules. This program arranges the single programs with a menu to one to three burnfiles. You can use 32kB to 96kB modules. The programfiles are stored optimal in the burnfiles. So you lose no space. Original-Modules, Script/+, Turbo-Plus and other modules can inserted in the burnfiles. This program is very powerful! There are two versions: In English and German with instruction manual in english. The ZIP-file contains the diskimage *.D64 (program and modulheaders) and the HTML-instruction-file.
New Version 2.1 (english only): can now create burnfiles for smaller EPROMs 27128 or 2764.

6) Digital Composing Kit
It's a powerful program for sampling and composing from APOS/Synergy. Create your own digi-tracks. The DCK supports 4-bit-sampling and 8-bit-sampling (for digiblaster). Very cool! In some production of APOS you can hear the results. The files are zipped diskimages *.D64.
download Digital Composing Kit 4 Bit
download Digital Composing Kit 8 Bit
download Soundsamples for use in your own music-tracks

7) More software
You can get more software for the great plus/4 from
- FTP-server
- FTP-server

Hardware for plus/4

Last update: 01/12/04