Hardware for Commodore's plus/4, C16, C116
new developed by me (Solder/Synergy) or other users!
The informations on this page are very old (from 1999). I don't sell the hardware longer. But you can find now more instructions.

You can find some interesting documents (instructions, circuits) about additional hardware for your plus/4 here.


1) RAM-expansion 256kb for all and 64kb for C16/C116
This expansion was developed by me and Hannes for the C16 and plus/4. It will be built in directly in the C16 or plus/4. You must send me your computer for this. The expansion is full compatible to a 64kb-computer. You can use the new memory very easyly. With this expansion you will get a disk with actual 256kb-programs. But you can get also a instruction disk (in German) for selfmade from my BBS or the software page . For the C16 you will need a little board for the RAM-chips. You can buy this from me.
Programming-Instructions are in English

New is the expansion from CSORY. It adds some new features to the Hannes-expansion. The whole memory of 256kb is divided in 16 16kb-blocks. One of this can switch in a window of 16kb in the 64kb-memory-area from the CPU. This expansion is full compatible to all 64kb- and 256kb-programs.
To expand 256kb to 1mb look here . Note: Only for specialists ;-)

256kB RAM-Expansion Hannes (built in by me): 45EUR
256kB RAM-Expansion Hannes + CSORY (built in by me): 50EUR
Board for C16-expansion: 10EUR

Instructions for C16-memory-expansion to 64kb


2) EPROM-expansion
This expansion for C16 and plus/4 is able in different spaces: 96kB, 192kB, 384kB or 768kB. I recommend the 384kB-expansion. You can start with it often used programs with a key-press. I burn the programs in it you wish. But these programs must consist of one part. (The programs doesn't load further parts from disk). Please ask for a special information about the programs. You must send me your computer, because this expansion is built in directly in it. You can find the instructions for selfmade this expansion for the plus/4 at the instructiondisk (see RAM-expansion).

EPROM-expansion 96kb (complete with burning): 40EUR
EPROM-expansion 192kb (complete with burning): 45EUR
EPROM-expansion 384kb (complete with burning): 50EUR
EPROM-expansion 768kb (complete with burning): 60EUR


3) SRAM-expansion 384kb
The SRAM-expansion is nearly the same as the EPROM-expansion. But it used batterie-buffered static-RAMs. You can change the content of the RAMs very easy. You can change the programs in one area. This isn't possible with EPROMs (you must always clear the whole EPROM). You can self-create the burnfiles for the SRAMs (same as EPROM) with the program "Modulgenerator". You can use this expansion also as a RAM-drive and as setup-memory. You must send me your computer for built in!

384kb-sRAM-expansion (complete with built in): 70EUR


4) TED-protector (double joy-adapter)
You can protect your TED-chip with this device. You can switch the ports but the plus/4 can be switched on! Otherwise you can now use a joystic-mouse or a autofire joystic. The joy-input is with 9-pin-SUB-D. You can change the joy-ports 1 and 2 with a switch.

TED-Protector: 20EUR


5) 4-bit-digitizer/sampler
For connection with the userport from the plus/4. Compatible to the software from SAM-digitizer in the "Compute mit". The digitizer can simply adjust. Connectors: 3,5mm-Cinch-Stereo for Walkman®, recoder or HiFi-Device. Connection for a headphone for control the signal. This digitizer comes with a disk and "Digital-Composing-Kit" by APOS and instructions.

4-Bit-Digitizer: 20EUR


6) SID-card
Sounds from C64 now for plus/4! Plug the card in expansionport and ready. You can adjust the volume on the card. You can hear the sound over the plus/4 or take it over a 3,5mm-Stereo-Cinch for HiFi-Device. 9-pin-SUB-D (kompatible to C64) for a 3rd joystic or a proportional-mouse. Get this with 2 disks with a lot of programs and instructions for programming.

Click here for the circuit of the card

SID-Card: 40EUR

Accessories for SID-card

Digi-Blaster 6.1) Digi-Blaster
Without soldering connect this card with your sid-card. With 8-bit-digital/analogconverter for digital-out and 8-bit-sampler for digital-in. This card take the signal from "audio in"-port at the SID-card. The cable for this is added. With this card you get also the "Digital Composing Kit 8-Bit" with 2 disks samples and the first MOD-File (known from Amiga) for the plus/4 (needs 256kb).

Digiblaster: 30EUR

6.2) Cable
For connection the SID-Card with your HiFi-Device. Say your wish and then ask for the price.

EPROM-Burner 7) EPROM-burner
This EPROM-Burner for the plus/4-userport burns all EPROMs from 2764 to 272001 and the CMOS-types. You select the type at the burner with 4 switches and in the program. The connection is over the userport and the datasette-port. You can use EPROMs with burnvoltage 12,5V and 21V. The burner comes with the 32- pin-Textool, software and instruction-manual in German and English. Best working with a 256kb-plus/4.
Note: I have only 2 PCBs. The new PCBs where very expensive so I must increase the price for epromers after this serie or made a new design with only one PCB.

EPROM-burner: 45EUR

EPROM-Module 8) EPROM-Modules for the expansionport
This modules are developed by Hannes. It's available in the followig sizes: 32k (bank a, 2x27128), 64k (bank a and f, 2x27256), 128k (2xbank a and f, selected by a switch, 2x27512). I can burn the programs for you. Please ask for a special information and see at EPROM-expansion. All modules are with case (standard-case from Commodore).
New: Universal modul for EPROMs 27C256-27C2001, set per jumper for 32k to 512k, areas and banks controlled by software.

32kb-modul/cartridge with case & EPROMs: 15EUR
64kb-512kb universal modul without EPROMs: 30EUR

RS232-Interface 9) RS232-interface
You need this interface to connect a modem whith your plus/4-userport or for a connection to an other computer. The interface is in a userport-case with 9-pol. SUB-D as output. All signals will be converted to V24-pegel. This comes with a disk witch includes the terminalprogram
RS232-Card Term-80 and plus/4-online (for german t-online, BTX-service) and instructions for use and programming.
The RS232-cards need the expansionport-splitter! The following versions are available:

RS232-interface for plus/4-userport: 20EUR
RS232-card, only for C16/116, full compatible to plus/4: 30EUR
RS232-card with other i/o-adress for plus/4 and C16/116: 30EUR

Expansionport-Splitter 10) Expansionport-splitter
With this card you can use 3 modules WITH DIFFERENT FUNCTION (e.g. a SID-card, a SRAM-Card and a RS232-card) at the same time on expansionport. The port is with other sockets in 0,1-inch-grid, but you get a adapter for one old card with this splitter. The length of this card is 10cm.

Expansionport-Splitter: 40EUR


2nd adapter 0,1inch to 1,98mm for old cards: 10EUR
angel for use the last card horizontal: 10EUR

SRAM-Card 11) SRAM-card extern
This card emulates an EPROM-modul on expansionport in bank a and f. You can use it for developing new modul-software, for often used programs and as setup-memory for OS96. The datas are backuped with a battery. The card is fully softwarecontrolled. Cards with more than 64kb has more 64kb-areas. There is a switch for the write protect. With the software you can load burnfiles from disk to the SRAMs. You need a expansionport-splitter for this card!
SRAM-card 64kb: 40EUR
SRAM-card 256kb: 60EUR

12) MIDI-interface
Now you can connect your synthesizer with the plus/4 or C16 and sample your music. This card comes with test-software and instructions. You need an expansion-port-splitter for this card.

MIDI-Interface (without software): 20EUR

Userport-Centronics-Cable 13) Userport-Centronics-cable
For connection a printer with centronics-port to the plus/4-userport. Length: 1,5m
Userport-Centronics-Cable: 8EUR
Printerport 14) Printerport
You need your userport for other hardware or your computer has no userport? Than you can use this special printerport with standard-25pin-SUB-D (same as at PCs). This port comes with instructions for self-built in, disk with patch-programs (to modify the programs with userport-driver to this port).

Printerport: 30EUR


15) Userport (in development)
A further userport for expansionport. Full compatible to standard-userport but no ATN-Line and 9V AC. Adresses: $fd60-$fd63 for ACIA and $fd70 for 6529B. You can select with jumpers the 4 following adresses, so you can use max. 4 userports. Connection to expansionport-splitter. Supported by OS96 and the new version of Term-80.

Software for Plus/4
For further informations and prices use my e-mail-adress. Note: All hardware is manufactured by me in very small series. I produce it, when I got the order. So I can't give cheap hardware. The most problem are the needed boards and some programmable logicchips for some hardware-products. You must add p&p (5-10EUR) to the prices of one order.


It's possible that the pictures aren't 100% identical with the products.


Last update: 01/13/2004